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Blended Magazine © ISSN 2694-6467 (Online) (November 2020) (Volume 1 / Issue 1) is published three times a year by CC Ink,  685 Citadel Drive East, Suite290-14, Colorado Springs, CO 80909). Mail inquires may be sent to Loving Our Children INC P.O. Box 575, Fountain 80817   REPRODUCTION IN WHOLE AND IN PART WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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Blended, the lines, the colors, the boundaries are mingled…. They are So Blended.

Mission Statement

The blending of the lives, family, and sweet traditions brings an original flavor to a new generation only if we tell the stories, share our passion and take the time to mentor and sharpen one another.

Blended Magazine is one of the diverse and unique tools of Loving Our Children INC. The Launching of the Blended Magazine before many of the main programs are released will be the catalyst to curriculum creation, provide guidelines/models of operation.  The building of the capacity of Board members, staff (paid/ volunteer) and people we serve will help develop vital service to a population of teens and young adults that are normally lost in the “turn”. The turn can be school, losing a parent/ caregiver, environmental, and life events that were unexpected.

 This magazine is a mentoring media to inspire the generation through the stories, information, and resources which will also equip them to overcome obstacles and exceed what those who are mentors have accomplished.

Editor and Chief 

Cynthia Ann Camble 

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