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Loving Our Children was created to be a mediator and mentorship catalyst in providing real-time support, and training seminars on life skills for our youth and families.

LOC aims to mentor and instruct our youth to help them flourish. We ensure this by implementing community programs such as, Strong Sons and Sincere Sons, Diamonds Emeralds and Pearls, and Blended Magazine.

Using these tools, we have the ability to change the trajectory of many households.

Invest in the future by donating. You may choose to donate to one particular Program or generally to Loving our Children Inc.

Please help us reach more families by donating any amount to our cause.

Board of Directors

Founder and President

Dr. Cynthia Camble

Vice President

Teko Robinson
Mentoring Children Cynthia Camble, Erika Brown Johnson, Cashmeira Henderson, Teko Robinson

Program Manager LOC and S.T.E.A.M.

Erika Brown-Johnson


Larnell Camble

Program Manager-  A.I.M.

Cashmeira Henderson

Multicultural Ambassador

Yessenia Robinson

Who are the voices behind LOC? 

We are a group of dedicated individuals who aim to be a mediator for children and families. We are determined to be mentors who provide immediate support for those who need it the most. Our vision is restore focus on raising healthy, responsible young adults, by equipping parents with the skills to navigate their most important role.

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