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Aim. Instruct. Mature.

The great charge as parents is leaving a legacy that our offspring take to a greater level. Parenting goes beyond your physical presence. It is a lifetime of building. Being there physically is not the only requirement. It is nurturing, directing, engaging, protecting and yes sometimes stepping back.


In order to give our children the best start possible for life, we have to know how to equip them for the world that we live in and how to handle each obstacle as it comes. 

In these 5 video lessons you will learn basic principles for pointing your child in the right direction, what may hinder progress, and how to overcome it.





                  You'll Learn:

1. Why it’s important to Affirm your child and 

how to do it!

2. How your words have power in your child's life

3. What God thinks about you and your child

4. What God says about Speech and how

to improve speech that propels your child

5. The importance of Health and well being 

and simple, life changing health tips.

6. How to give instruction that creates a lasting impact and directs your child to a bright future

7. Ways to achieve Family goals and create a Kingdom atmosphere


8. How to deal with challenges that seem to derail you or your child's life

9. Coping mechanisms that will help your child excel in every part of their lives 

10. Determining your Child's Maturity. The Process of Aiming your child starts as soon as they arrive home and comes to completion once they are ready to go off on their own. Of course, they may come back for guidance and advice, but their future decisions will be based on their independence and ability to make right choices.

And so much more!!!

Each course includes attached documents and activities.

Included is a Bonus Course: A.I.M for teens. In this course your teen will learn the importance of affirmation, taking and giving instruction and different coping skills to get them through these challenging teen years.  


We are offering this course right now for only $24.99, for you and your entire family!



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