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Don't Get Down.

Do Ask for Help!

The Corona Virus has changed everything about our way of life. Some of us are not able to go to work or get the childcare we need in order to go to work. Financial stress is a part of many of our lives right now, and the uncertainty of what is here and what is to come may be circling our minds. This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone. But this too shall pass.

During this time, we must remember to take care of ourselves, as parents and caretakers. The health of our children does depend on our own health and well being. Don’t feel bad that the stress of this world is getting to you. We are all going through different challenges. Do reach out for help!


Here are a few things that you can do to relieve stress and keep you and your child safe:

1. Ask for help (Call a friend or neighbor and let them know how you are feeling. Reach out)

2. Step away ( Step away from a high stress situation. Making sure the child is in a safe place in the house)

3. Take a moment for yourself. (Make sure that you are scheduling in time for you to decompress and do something that you enjoy)

4. Engage in stress relief activities with your child (This can be listening to music, watching a favorite movie, anything that will relax you and your child.)

5. Check on other family members and neighbors (Check on other family members and neighbors and make sure that they are feeling well. How are they handling the new changes?)

6. Make sure to have “Quiet time” Where you and your child can both gather your thoughts.

7. Check in with yourself. Understand where your stress is coming from. Is it financial, is it emotional?

8. Keep a journal to organize your thoughts and go over your day. This will help you reflect. (this is something both you and your child can do)


Please call 214.743.1215 Metrocare services Mental Health Support
Monday – Friday if you need someone to speak to.



The Loving Our Children Staff

Image by Paige Cody
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